49 Farmhouse Decor Joanna Gaines Master Bedrooms

After living in nine different houses, we are ready to settle on a plot of land and stay for a while. Life on the farm has always been our dream, and we are happy when it finally becomes a reality. We bought agriculture in 2012 and spent one and a half years returning it. The oak tree that surrounds the property is what brought us to that place. The house, however, is too small for our family of 6 people. It began as a two-bedroom house and the penthouse was not finished. The only addition is our main bedroom and we reconfigure the rest of the walls inside the house and work with what we have. My top priority is to open the main living room, dining room and kitchen area. We also finished upstairs and created a good-sized family room, guest bedroom and craft room. It took several months to put all my ideas on paper because there was so much reconfiguration to make space work for our family.