Sustainable Healthy Homes Ideas 88+

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you, we will get a commission if you click and make a purchase. Some are sponsored links, which means that brands pay for placements in articles. Thank you for helping us continue to provide excellent content. Do you think that sustainable home design is just a trend? Think again. Green grows and grows and develops. In 2017, more than a third of builders said that green buildings are an important part of their overall activities. By 2022, this number is expected to increase by half, indicating that building a green house is here to stay (and hopefully will become the status quo!). Every year new products and technologies emerge, increasing the level of possibility. And after seeing trends in sustainability for almost two decades, I’m happy to report that next year looks better than before. Join these 18 trends for sustainable homes in 2018!

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